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The Plenary Session of the Conference will be held at the Agricultural Faculty in Ragusa Ibla. Ibla is an ancient city rebuilt after 1693 terrifying earthquake. In the picture (http://www.welton.it/photos/ragusa/ragusa-ibla.jpg) the long building is partially covered by some green trees canopies.

Parallel sessions, in according to Ibla Campus, will be held in lovely and ancient baroque buildings, all sited in Ibla, the baroque neighborough of Ragusa, as Donnafugata Theatre (http://www.teatrodonnafugata.com/) and others.

How to reach Ragusa
Allow us to remember you that Ragusa is a lovely town sited in south east Sicily. You can reach it easily through the airport of Catania (www.aeroporto.catania.it) .

In Sept. 2008 the airport of Comiso, near Ragusa, would  be set up (http://www.soaco.it). Probably, some low cost companies will choose Comiso Airport.

Etna Bus Company (http://www.etnatrasporti.it/) connects Catania Airport  with Ragusa.

It will take about 2 hours to reach Ragusa from Catania airport; moreover, on Sunday the bus rides are made less frequent. So, we suggest you to arrive at Catania airport at the early afternoon.

Please, inform deaevents@libero.it about your arrival. They could reserve a shuttle on Sunday 14th in the evening and / or Monday early in the morning.

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