Dear Colleague, Dear Friends,

We are very pleased and proud to invite you to attend the International Health Safety Conference  in AgroSystems - RAGUSA SHWA, 5th Edition, 2019.

First edition of Ragusa SHWA was held in September, 3rd , 2008, in Ragusa (IT), and was replicated there in 2010 and in 2012.

In the occurrence of  “EXPO 2015”,  the 4th edition was held in the lovely town of Lodi, close to Milan (IT), together with the International Congress on Rural Health (ICRH). The two international Conferences adopted the Lodi Declaration on Rural Health.

RAGUSA SHWA 2019 will be held in Ragusa (IT) and we invite you to write down in your agenda the period of time between Sept. 3 and 6, hoping that you wish to contribute to the success of the conference with your precious scientific contribution and that you will be able to take part in technical and social events.

As usual, RAGUSA SHWA 2019 begins in the morning with the Georgofili Academy, addressing an important theme on agriculture (Italian language, without translation). In the afternoon, the International Conference (English, without translation) begins with the "First communication", the 4 Lectio Magistralis and some "Main communications". The next two days, the scientific program follows with parallel oral sessions, poster sessions, short symposia and a plenary session with a closing ceremony.

The technical tour will be held on Thursday 6th, in the morning. Social tours for registered delegates and accompanying  people will be organized throughout Southeast Sicily, involving the lovely and attractive countryside, the wonderful beaches, the gorgeous Late Baroque UNESCO Cities.

RAGUSA SHWA hosts business meetings - you are invited to organize the meeting of your company or of your scientific community here - and it has proven to be a starting point for new and fruitful collaboration among researchers.

RAGUSA SHWA published since 2008 abstracts and full papers on line provided with ISBN code and now all they are provided  with the ISSN code too.

In November 2016, CABI and RAGUSA SHWA have subscribed an agreement that allows CABI to index the past and the future SHWA proceedings in CABI database, starting from 2008. Now SHWA is working to connect the proceedings and or single full papers to Scopus.

SHWA likes innovations and loves your suggestions about innovative and borderline topics about which valuable lecturers could expose their point of view during the lectio magistralis, with the aim to stimulate our imagination of researchers and to provoke a great and fruitful contamination.

Please, follow  us on website, on Facebook and Twitter and  let us having your any suggestion to innovate SHWA  and make it more attractive for you!

Giampaolo Schillaci


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  • Ragusa SHWA 2019
    Dear Colleagues, we are working for organizing V Ragusa SHWA Edition that will be held in Ragusa (IT) next year 2019. Please keep in touch!
    Giampaolo Schillaci

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