23/10/2019 RAGUSA SHWA 2020


Dear Colleague,

RAGUSA SHWA 2020 is very glad to inform you SPRINGER will publish the RAGUSA SHWA 2020 book. Papers will be revised, published and indexed on SCOPUS.

Thanks to this agreement, the deadline for submission has been extended to 5th March 2020.


As for previous editions, RAGUSA SHWA is choosing the best and not expensive accommodations for you. You can choose between prestigious 17th century buildings, newly built seaside hotels and comfortable and fully equipped holiday homes. They are all well positioned in the baroque heart of Ragusa Ibla or along the sandy and suggestive coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


 Enjoy updates on the Venue page!

RAGUSA SHWA 2020 -  Concept deadline: 21  31 January 2020

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

Many of you have just received the call to participate. Don't worry, SHWA only asks you for a concept, in which you will write your contact details and the idea of the research that you will develop in the paper.

Do not delay, the world grows with the intersection of ideas, we make our contribution by meeting at RAGUSA SHWA 2020, as we have done since RAGUSA SHWA 2008!

RAGUSA SHWA 2020 -  Concept deadline: 21  31 January 2020 


Enjoy a RAGUSA SHWA 2020 video promo (click here) a prof. Massimo Cecchini’s UNITUS great job!

Dear Colleagues,

The V International Conference RAGUSA Safety, Health and Welfare in Agriculture and Agrosystems - RAGUSA SHWA - will be held in September 2020, from Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th, in the ancient city of Ragusa Ibla - IT.

Part of the city of Ragusa - "the city of the upland" in south east Sicily -  Ibla is an ancient lovely district rich in Late Baroque architecture, listed in UNESCO Heritage from 2002.

We suggest you to land at Catania International Airport (http://www.aeroporto.catania.it/). You can also enjoy the small and lovely Comiso airport, close to Ragusa (http://www.aeroportodicomiso.eu/en/), which is connected with some domestic and european destinations.

"Etna Bus Company" (http://www.etnatrasporti.it/) connects Catania Airport to Ragusa. The trip will take about 2 hours to reach Ragusa from Catania airport. You can also consult "Flixbus".

We strongly suggest you to be in Ragusa on Tuesday 15th evening, in time to enjoy the Sicilian Typical Food Welcoming Party.

Keep in touch visiting "Ragusa Shwa" website and social as Facebook and Twitter.

See you in Ragusa!