13/09/2021 SHWA NEWS - SHWA 2021 ON LINE EVENT



6 p.m. 210913

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Ragusa SHWA 2021 is approaching!

Short and final Programs are both now online:click here.

The speakers in the oral parallel sessions have to take care of their own presentations.
Have your presentation ready and, keep its length within 10 minutes to ensure the smooth progress of the program.

Here is the link to the Main room for September 15th at 3pm. Link to the other rooms (16th, Sept) are in on the final Program.

Posters are already available here.

You are kindly invited to look at them and prepare your questions to be submitted to the authors in the chat of Zoom during the posters session.

We are waiting for you all!

Keep in touch visiting
RAGUSA SHWA website  and socials: FacebookTwitter


Dear Colleagues, Ragusa SHWA is greatly pleased to announce a fruitful partnership with the "Circolo Legambiente Kiafura" - Scicli. Scicli is a small UNESCO town in south east Sicily. Those who participated in Ragusa SHWA 2012 will remember the splendid final evening, with the party in the UNESCO historic center of the city. Legambiente is an Italian non-profit organization founded in 1980. Its the most prominent and widespread environmental association in Italy.


Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

Taking in account the uncertainties of the Pandemic Era, Ragusa SHWA 2021 will be an on line event.

We invite you to write down in your agenda the period of time between the 15th and 16th of September, hoping that you wish to contribute to the success of the Conference with your precious scientific contribution.

Keep in touch visiting periodically RAGUSA SHWA website and socials: Facebook, Twitter to collect more info.

Spread the news to your colleagues!

For additional information, please contact:

Giampaolo Schillaci Chairman giampaolo.schillaci@ragusashwa.it