Enjoy Ragusa SHWA 2023

Why Late Baroque? South-eastern Sicily is a treasure trove not only of Greek and Roman monuments, but also of splendid examples of 'Late Baroque' architecture. This is because in 1693 the entire area was razed to the ground by a terrible earthquake and the reconstruction of the cities took place when the 'Baroque years' were coming to an end.

Sicily is more than an island, it is a magic world set in the astonishing world of Italy. All of Sicily is rich in monuments from every historical era. A thousand peoples followed one another, fought for the possession of his lands, of his ports and even of his women. The Sicily of the South East is another world, its landscape is deeply different from the rest of the Island and also the people who live and work here. Let’s try to explain why.


Light Lunches. The catering for the SHWA in Ragusa focuses on UNESCO Mediterranean Diet. On 7-8 September we will take the Typical Lunch outdoors, in Piazza Duomo in Ibla, a short walk from the Conference venue (Piazza Chiaramonte) and where large umbrellas will shelter us from the Sicilian sun. Mr Giuseppe “Pippo” Occhipinti will prepare typical dishes (the picture shows a typical Hyblean dish). Since this is a light working lunch, we do not recommend the excellent wine pictured in the photo... but you can have it on your evenings off!

The cost of the two lunches is included in your Conference registration (show Giuseppe your inseparable badge!).


Where take a good meal during Ragusa Ibla free time? There are a lot of barshops, restaurants, cremeries an so on in Ragusa Ibla. You can come back to La Piazzetta. Take in account the very attractive enogastronomic proposal comes from Manolo Giummarra - graduated in 2006 in Ragusa in Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Sciences - who has opened an "Il Barocco wine shop" in nearby Piazza Pola, with tastings of typical products. The rich chopping board shown in the photograph is for two people (€20 each one, including two glasses of wine); you can enjoy it for half price if you are alone... but it will be very difficult for you to be alone in Ragusa SHWA!
If you are a spritz lover, we suggest now is the time to taste 'Amaraamaro spritz', prepared with an exceptional amaro, whose secret recipe is kept in a village on the Etna volcano!