Accommodation 2015


Dear Colleagues, 
We are very pleased  to confirm the two International Conferences RURAL HEALTH and RAGUSA SHWA are now unified and will be held in Lodi, September 8-11.

The main objective is to contaminate each other Medicine, Agricultural Engineering, Ergonomics and other topics and to improve the opportunities to cooperate.

Moreover, starting from Lodi – that’s close to Milan - participants can visit EXPO’ very easily.

We invite attendees to buy trip tickets to Lodi, to book hotel accommodation, to keep in touch by the website, facebook, twitter.


Looking forward to seeing you at Lodi.

Claudio Colosio                        Giampaolo Schillaci
RURAL HEALTH Convener            RAGUSA SHWA Convener

Please note that you can contact:

Organizing Secretariat

Over Srl
via Pagliari, 4 26100 Cremona
tel +39 0372 23310
fax +39 0372 569605

We suggest you to buy the ticket trip and to book the accommodation in Lodi without delay!

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