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July 1, 2015

  Dear Colleague, Ragusa SHWA  reminds that by June 30 July 12 the final text has to be sent to

Authors that prefer poster instead of oral presentation have to send even then a full paper or an extended abstrat (3-4 pages).

Please do everything to respect the deadline!

Otherwise, the job in charge to the Scientific secretary become very difficult. They have to extract the abstract, that will become the "final abstract" to be put in the Book of Abstract, and manage the final version, that will be addressed to the DVD and to the website.
Here you'll can find the Template 2015 and the Guidelines for the Final Text:

Language: English

We suggest you to prepare an extended abstract if you intend to submit the full paper to an ISI review




 Please check in a few days, we are harmonizing the SHWA and RH poster features 


Size. The size for posters is 70 cm (width) x 100 cm (height)
- Title, authors' names and affiliations should appear on the top of the poster

- Recommended letter sizes: Lettering for title of the poster 20 mm, Authors, addresses and titles 13 mm,  text and captions should be between 9 mm and 12 mm

- Recommended sections: background and objectives, material and methods, results and discussion, conclusions

- Content: Please, do not prepare a poster as if it were a manuscript! Primarily use tables and figures and limit verbiage. Details of the work can be provided in discussions with interested parties

- Display: Numbered board space is assigned for each poster. Presenters will receive an assigned space number during the registration at the congress venue

- Other recommendations: include photographs of the author/authors to assist in author identification.


we suggest you to put in the lower part of your poster  a Qr code
forwarding to the URL of your Corporation

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