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An automated machine for physical weed control within the RHEA Project
Frasconi C., Martelloni L., Fontanelli M., Raffaelli M., Peruzzi A.

Safety analysis in a farm sample in Friuli Venezia Giulia region
Cividino S.R.S., Vello M., Gubiani R., Gaiotto A., Dell’Antonia D., Pergher G.

 Italian Potential Biogas and Biomethane Production from OFMSW
Comparetti A., Febo P., Greco C., Orlando S.

Summary of U.S. Agricultural Confined Space Injuries and Fatalities and Comparable International Findings
W.E. Field, Ed.D., Salah Issa, Yuan-Hsin Cheng

Exposure risks and other drawbacks of handheld spray application techniques
Foqué D., Declerq J., Dekeyser D. and Nuyttens D.

Operative machines for organic and conservative agriculture
Frasconi C., Fontanelli M., Raffaelli M., Antichi D., Martelloni L., Tosti G., Bosco S.,       Manfrini L., Sbrana M., Pristeri A., Peruzzi A.
Determination of bystander exposure to pesticide spray drift: methodology proposal
Grella M., Marucco P., Balsari P.

A U.S. Approach towards Safety Education for Youth in Agriculture
Jepsen S. D., Murphy D., Hill D., Pate M., Lawver R., Mann A., Mann K.

Risks linked to the management of pressured hydrogen within a photovoltaic-electrolyzer-fuel cell power system located on a rural land.
Pascuzzi S., Blanco I., Scarascia Mugnozza G.

Assessment of the workers’ exposure produced by radio base stations placed on rural lands
Pascuzzi S., Santoro F.

A laboratory test bench to analyse nozzle sprays
Cerruto E., Manetto G, Failla S., Longo D., Caruso L., Schillaci G.

Imaging open source multi-sensorized conveyor belt prototype for product quality evaluation and classification
Menesatti P., Pallottino F. , Figorilli S., Antonucci F. and Costa C.

Ergonomic issues and musculoskeletal disorders among ewe dairy workers involved in mechanical milking
Murgia L., Rosecrance J., Maieli P.

 Manually milking ewes and the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
Rosecrance J., Murgia L.

Field and static tests to assess the drift of abrasion dust of dressed maize seeds
Biocca M., Fanigliulo R., Gallo P., Pulcini P., Pochi D.

 Whole-Body Vibration exposure. An ergonomic evaluation of the effects of an active suspended cab fitted    on  an agricultural telehandler
Caffaro F., Preti C., Micheletti Cremasco M., Cavallo E.

Laboratory and in field vibration from hand-held harvesters for olives
Manetto G., Cerruto E.

Noise and vibrations comfort on comparable agricultural tractors at different ageing and use level
Pessina D., Facchinetti D., Giordano D.

A filtering-recycling device to reduce dust drift from pneumatic drills
Pochi D., Biocca M., Fanigliulo R., Gallo P., Perrino C., Marcovecchio F.

Model to analyse semi-active suspension system for a tractor cab
Varani M., Mattetti M., Molari G.

ROPS Design and Testing for Rigid and Foldable Structures
Ayers P. and Khorsandi F.

Evaluation of the stability of an articulated farm tractor using mounted implements on hillsides
Bietresato M., Carabin G., Vidoni R., Gasparetto A., Mazzetto F.

Experimental determination of operator perception of tractor instability
Ochoa N., Murphy D., Brennan S.

Narrow-track agricultural tractors: a survey on the load of hand-operated foldable roll-bar
Pessina D., Facchinetti D., Giordano D.

[Research Concept 1] Keywords: accident prevention, operator safety, tractor rollover
Rondelli V.

[Research Concept 2] Keywords: rollover, tractor, rubber track
Rondelli V.

[Research Concept 3] Keywords: foldable ROPS, manual handling, operator accessible zone
Rondelli V.

Design Considerations in fixture development to Retrofit ROPS on Agricultural Tractors
Shrivastava A K and Tewari V K

Safe in the field: a project for training and integration of foreign agricultural workers
Cecchini M., Monarca D., Colantoni A., Baciotti B., Bedini L., Menghini G., Porceddu P.R.

Injuries for female workers in agriculture – An initial study on causes and preventive measures
Geng Q. and Lindahl C.

Psychosocial challenges for Swedish farmers
Kolstrup C. L.

Sustainable health and safety of Ugandan farmers
Kolstrup C. L.

Health and safety challenges among dairy workers in the United States
Menger L., Stallones L., Pezzuti F., Roman-Muniz N., Rosecrance J.

Community engagement in the prevention of injuries and deaths from agricultural All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use
Rosecrance J., Gilkey D. and Langerstrome E.

Agricultural Ergonomics Research and Outreach in California
Fathallah F. A.

OWAS and REBA for the assessment of WMSDs in motor manual tree felling. Which is the best approach?
Gallo R., Mazzetto  F.

An olive pruning machine for marginal areas
Porceddu P.R., Canale A., Spitella S.

Design and maintenance scheduling of three paths in a historical park in Firenze
Parenti A., Degl'Innocenti C., Lambertini A., Matteini T., Guerrini L.

Worker exposure to abrasion dust emissions during the filling of precision drill hoppers with dressed maize seed
Biocca M., Fanigliulo R., Gallo P., Pulcini P., Pochi D.

Refrigeration systems for the food industry with natural fluids, with particular reference to CO2. Law - technical aspects and experimental results

Catalano P., Bianchi B., Cavone G., Tamborrino A., Ayr U., Carparelli E.
Analysis of the braking performance of counterbalanced elevator at varying of the tread wear
Cutini M., Brambilla M., Bisaglia C.

Food components in fractions of quinoa seeds
Milovanovic M. M., Vucelic-Radovic B. V., Demin M. A. and Stikic R. I.

Hose reel vs dripline irrigation systems: which is better from Carbon Footprint standpoint?
Guiso A., Ghinassi G., Spugnoli P.

Evaluation of pump-over thermal effect during red grapes fermentation: preliminary results
Guerrini L., Angeloni G., Corsini S., Parenti A.

Noise, vibration and dust emissions of a forestry chipper
Fornaciari L., Fanigliulo R., Biocca M., Grilli R., Sperandio G., Civitarese V., Pochi D.

Dust emissions with a new hazelnut mechanical harvestingprototype
Pagano M., Biocca M., Cecchini M., Colantoni A., Fanigliulo R., Fedrizzi M., Gallo P., Guerrieri M., Pochi D.

Development of an app for using a smartphone as vibro-meter for effects on health evaluation
Cutini M., Bisaglia C.

Noise risk assessment in a modern oil mill plant
Vallone M., Febo P., Catania P.

Evaluation of safety aspects on a machine for nuts harvesting
Caruso L., Camillieri D., Colantoni A., Cutini M., Romano E., Schillaci G.

 The reduction of the risk due to manual handling of loads: a case study
Cecchini M., Cossio f., Monarca D., Colantoni A., Bedini L.

Assistive Technology Database for Farmers and Agricultural Workers with Physical Disabilities
W.E. Field, Ed.D., Paul Jones, Cliff Racz

Understanding workers’ safety and health risks when utilizing grain-storage facilities
Jepsen S.D., Geng Y., MS student

A survey on occupational injuries in tree climbing in Italy
Mazzocchi F., Cecchini M., Monarca D., Colantoni A., Porceddu P.R.

A population-based comparison of injuries among farm and non-farm adults in Alberta, 1999-2010: A retrospective cohort.
Voaklander D., El Kurdi S., Gao H., Drul C.

 A Certificate Course for the Agricultural Safety & Health Profession
Murphy D., Donham K., Rautiainen R., Sheridan C.

An innovative controlled mechanical ventilation system
Catalano P., Perone C., Fucci F.

Study of posture during plowing operations. Analysis of the pressures to the seat
Romano E., Cutini M., Bisaglia C.
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